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Why to say submarine goes from inside leather bursa?
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What put forward submarine tentative plan the earliest is British scientist Bern of power modest · , he cried originally 1578 " invention " put forward to the design can go to underwater and can delimit in underwater in the book the tentative idea of the boat of travel. After 40 years, the Holand physicist that ranks Kenisi Delei is Boer the book that saw place of Bern of power modest · is written, then he arose to turn Wei Byrne's theory into realistic think of a way. In flower king the support of generation issues Zhanmusi, germany is Boer build very quickly gave can aleatoric in water ups and downs to be able to delimit the cockboat of travel. The appearance of this kind of a light boat resembles bursa of a big skin, body of a light boat is frame of a wood, an oiled cowhide is cheated outside frame, bencher and passenger can be accommodated inside a light boat. To solve the submergence of a light boat and rise, jacket of a light boat has a lot of sheepskin bursa, when a light boat wants submergence, load water bursa inside; When a light boat wants rise, use the water inside bursa gas eduction again. Er held heart thunder cloth to exhibit 1620, in order to let the invention that people understands him. In 1620~1624 year during, de Lei is Boer in peaceful interview a light boat that invents to him on person river undertook sea trial test for many times, confirmed the possibility that underwater sails. Say submarine is so going from inside leather bursa is well-founded. The inventor of the first submarine should belong to Dutch Nilisi Delei is Boer.

1770, during absolute war of the United States, american Daiweite Bushenneier invents " chelonian " date submarine attends first fight. Inventor rich Er built the first submarine of sail for French navy suddenly 1880 " nautilus " date, body of its a light boat is hob copper carapace, coxswain 7 meters, carry two mine, operate by 4 people. Fold mast is used on water, it is motivation with sail. Underwater uses a hand to shake airscrew propeller is advanced. 19 centuries end, the submarine inventor of each country begins to develop mechanical power submarine in succession, provide a middle school teacher that representative is the United States to make an appointment with writing · Huo Lan most among them. John Huolan succeeded at was being developed 1875 submarine of the first mechanical power. Entitle " date of Huo Lan I " . This submarine uses vapour to advance when surface sails, electric power is used to advance when underwater sails, use water ark and hydroplane effectively to undertake submergence. In May 1897, john Huolan develops a success further again one is called by later generations " suddenly Lan Ting " submarine. This submarine that uses gasoline engine to advance when surface sails uses electromotor when underwater sails, once give out,offer dynamic accumulator for electromotor, gasoline engine can charge for accumulator when submarine rises to surface. Clever union became motivation of this kind of surface and underwater dynamic a kind of mode of plant of contemporary submarine power. In addition, "Suddenly Lan Ting " went up to equip first naval is newest at that time weapon -- " hoary head " torpedo, make submarine had the capacity that atttacks surface ship vessel thereby. "Suddenly Lan Ting " appear, the mark is worn the birth of contemporary submarine. For this, john Huolan is called by later generations " the father of contemporary submarine " .
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