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National defence of the first 10 thousand tons of class arouses boat " world pro
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On December 28, 1996, grow as hooter cry, many meters 120 long, 18 meters wide, tall 10 thousand tons of nearly 40 a large ship of rice, slowly sail left dock of Shanghai Huang Pu river. At this moment, the boat cheers below one piece aboard, stylist, build division and officers and soldiers of the troops that receive a boat mutual handclasp hug, national defence of the first 10 thousand tons of class arouses boat " world prosperous " formal consign uses signal.

This arouses the boat is approval of the State Council, mix by the state committee of planning navy is collective and contributive build. It has nautical training, carrier-borne helicopter training, medical treatment training, national defence to arouse drilling and locomotive a variety of functions such as 300 standards container. Current, navy of a few developed countries is walking along the new approach of the union that make the same score battle, in order to feed the development dimensions of groovy ship vessel, assure the development that equips mainly. During naval battle of island of flower A horse, royal navy is in England in a week, aroused many 40 civil ship attends a war. Merchant ship is in in leaving for equestrian island road, bian Hang changes his costume or dress by the side of travel, after arriving at Ma Dao, change his costume or dress entirely end, participated in naval battle, created the example of the naval now union that make the same score battle.

"World prosperous " even if connect board,date sets two, can go in thin Ang glacial an area, speek of a ship or plane 17.5, add boat ability amounts to 8000 sea mile. Cabin distributings reasonable, place of place of place of voyage place, nautical exercitation place, medical treatment place, ward, public activity, cooking, equipment, living room waits. The life facility on the boat is complete, have " guesthouse is changed " level, the training that can satisfy personnel of 200 nautical study needs. Set chart exercise room 2, can undertake nautical exercise at the same time for 60 not less than student, set necessary navigational aid and closed-circuit television system, offer nautical education with.

After adding case case module, this boat can become " maritime hospital " , its dimensions is equivalent to hospital of a center, the surgery with about a hundred advanced equipment, consulting room, laboratory waits, can undertake all sorts of complex operations; After adding module of system of outfit helicopter carrier-borne, this boat can be carried carry helicopter in the sea aspirant machine rises at the same time fall; If undertake the basic function module of this boat assorted, it can have a variety of integrated functions at the same time, if partial helicopter forms into columns,undertake training of maritime and perpendicular supply wait. The service establishment on the boat is good, gym distributes the equipment such as machine of desk of ball of ping having to bang, bicycle, ran, service cabin sets washhouse and dryer to wait.
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