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Vessel of ship of 21 centuries environmental protection (ESS-21) new idea
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Area of on the earth 71 % is marine. It is the valuable space that Lai Yisheng is put and the mankind did not develop. Protecting ocean environment is one of keys that human society can develop continuously, more and more get the attention of people. Ship vessel is via the main tool with summary indispensable ocean, in the meantime, also be the contaminative source of ocean environment. 1978 international Maritime Organization (IMO) " of formation convention of " maritime environmental protection (MARPOL73/78) although regulation of proclaimed in writing does not apply to vessel of ship of for military use, but the ship vessel behavior that it asks each country government wants to assure homeland and this convention keep consistent. The ship vessel of those many blowdown will more and more become do not suffer people gay object. Vessel of naval naval vessel wants an imagination to sail freely in that way before, executive peace mission, begin diplomatic activity, must want to consider ocean environment protects a problem.

Be based on these considerations, the concept of vessel of ship of for military use that navy put forward the country such as beautiful Europe to satisfy 21 centuries environmental protection to ask, vessel of ship of the environmental protection that be called, english is Environmentally Sound Ships, logogram is ESS (to battleship, logogram becomes ESW) . What ESS-21(or ESW-21) point to is the vessel of environmental protection ship of 21 centuries.

Now not only the United States, and the country such as group of whole north meet by appointment and Russia, Japan, Australia also sortie among them. They draft a plan, begin collaboration, preparation makes native ship vessel gets used to the requirement of MARPOL.

One, the problem that considers in the target of ESS-21 and purchase process
American navy fights an ESS that put forward - 21 concepts emphasize abiding by environmental protection code in the round, emphasize ship vessel the low risk to the environment or harmless change, emphasize ship vessel the own processing capability to contaminant, emphasize the economy of environmental protection measure.

Developing the overall target that place of vessel of environmental protection ship should achieve is:
·The regulation that accords with the environmental protection code on each concerned country, area and international;
·Negative to the environment effect is little;
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