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Why should action of surface naval ships form into columns executive task?
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Surface naval ships is carried out in capacious offing fight the task, it is with forming into columns the form acts mostly, what view is there inside this?

Original, naval ships also is contradictory unity, weaponry compares all ready large warships, its motor-driven ability is affected accordingly necessarily. So, when of all kinds naval ships is built, taking care of oneself to attack prevent the foundation with balanced ability to go up, can be in only certain fight ability respect emphasizes particularly on somewhat, if some of naval vessel is given priority to with air defence, some naval vessel are given priority to with going instead etc. To make naval ships military strength is in maritime have independence to fight ability, need beard basis fights the enemy's situation of sea area and task, undertake logical choice and organizing into groups to surface naval ships, composition forms into columns, make all sorts of type naval ships the specialty with respective play of can better land, in order to form more comprehensive form into columns to make warfare capability integratedly, satisfy the task that loads all right effectively with collective force. If American aircraft carrier forms into columns, deserve to 6 come normally 10 cruiser, chaser or frigate, air defence of the short range in be being offerred for its, go instead cautionary; Be in sometimes suffer menace to still just deserve to nuclear power goes instead up submarine, add the carrier-borne opportunity on aircraft carrier, offer to form into columns inchoate early-warning and turn over naval vessel remotely, go instead, thither attack ability, and air battle and electronic warfare capability, make whole aircraft carrier forms into columns had capacity of stronger battle of put together collaboration.

Accordingly, on naval battle history, although had had many second sheet naval ships is right enemy fight successful a specific example of a battle, but forming into columns is the main form that surface naval ships satisfies a combat mission from beginning to end.