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Why does the plane take off on aircraft carrier is kind different?
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How can the plane on naval vessel have different takeoff kind? This basically decides according to the different function of the plane.

On aircraft carrier equipment has all sorts of planes, some is OK and perpendicular take off, some must slip run take off, some needs eject ability to reach the speed that enter the space. Because this was formed perpendicular take off, slippery run take off with eject 3 kinds of takeoff means. Perpendicular / short be apart from plane of rise and fall to be able to make the spout of aircraft engine rotates downward, the counterforce that uses engine thrust arises up thrust implementation takes off. So these planes can be used perpendicular takeoff means. If helicopter is OK,obtain lift implementation to take off; Slippery run taking off is the plane uses plane and board structure, at the same time have the aid of greets aweather force to slip oneself run to realize a kind of when take off takeoff means quickly. Perpendicular / short be apart from a plane is the angle that uses control engine spout to rotate, on become warped type jumps flying board and wind of board of have the aid of to realize stone's throw to take off. England is like in the plane of this kind of type " snipe " because type plane contains the turbine fan engine that spray pipe can turn to, in order to offers lift peace flying thrust, but short be apart from or inclined board take off, nose-dive. And the fixed ala plane of Russia " MiG - 29 " and " revive - 27 " it is to use a plane good greet horn to take off greatly characteristic, on become warped type jumps flying board and board of have the aid of wind implementation is slippery run take off. Eject takes off is a kind of when most carrier-borne machine uses takeoff means, when taking off, the plane is OK the acceleration of the ejector implementation plane on aircraft carrier of have the aid of, reach litre of empty speed. Divide Russia beyond, the fixed ala plane of other country employs this kind of means to take off in the implementation on aircraft carrier. The eject means of contemporary carrier-borne machine is vapour type eject mostly, the greatest weight can amount to the plane of some ejector eject 45 tons, make plane speed can be amounted to horary 230 kilometers, the biggest it is 5 times acceleration quickly.