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Why is colour of dress of the personnel on aircraft carrier much?
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Had seen the person of aircraft carrier, noticed helmet of the personnel on naval vessel and dress colour confused to show certainly, grotesque condition, and
And wearing different sign by English letter. Does the dress of each different have these colour what meaning?

Actually, this is the mark that aircraft carrier divides the work up and down. Helmet of staff member of board of flight of U.S. Army aircraft carrier and dress reach lifesaving
The colour distinction of the vest is:

Personnel helmet coverall / immersion suit
1. Mobile personnel mixes the plane round of member that block is blue
2. Plane shift officer and fly takeoff directive personnel is yellow
3. Land block plant operator is green
4. Aviation fuel member violet
5. Bai Lu of the member that goods assembles and unassemble
6. Plane eject official and block device Guanlu are yellow
7. The member that ejector operates is green
8. Ejector safety observer is green
9. The member that the plane picks up relieve a sick or injured person is red
10. Elevator operator Bai La
11. The member that explosive is handled (EOD) Gong Gong
12. The member that the ground supports equipment malfunction judgement to eliminate (GSE) green
13. Helicopter descends signal army is red green
14. Censor of helicopter flight equipment is red brown
15. The arms that solve a hook is green
16. The plane descends the commander is not had white
17. Master Sergeant:
·Outfield is mechanical a green brown
·The member that maintain
·Brown of the member that quality assures is green
·Squadron plane censor is green white
18. Liquid oxygen member for nothing
19. Maintenance technician is green
20. Medical personnel for nothing
21. Orderly and phone orderly Bai La
22. Armament Yuan Gonggong
23. Cameraman is green
24. Aircraft material censor brown
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