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Why to call aircraft carrier " floating is maritime the airport "
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Aircraft carrier is now naval vessel is planted in tonnage, bulk, fight the of first large naval ships that the respect such as ability resides all sorts of naval ships, because its are given priority to with carrier-borne machine,should fight weapon, so people calls it " floating is maritime the airport " .

The most conspicuous on aircraft carrier is as similar as onshore airport runway flight deck. On general warship, advocate board is the longest have 200 meters or so, the shortest have many meters 10 only, the widest also do not exceed 40 meters, the narrowest have a few meters only. Be compared and character, the flight deck of ship of naval vessel empty mother appears special particularly long, wide, show polygonal shape. The area of the flight deck on aircraft carrier should compare general warship big severalfold even ten. Be like the United States " Nimitz " overall length of aircraft carrier of class nuclear power 332.9 meters, flight deck is 76.8 meters wide, quite the area of 3 football grounds.

To suit maritime fight, aircraft carrier carries a variety of weapons and much ammunition. The plane that lades on aircraft carrier has plane of fighter plane, attack plane, antisubmarine plane, early-warning, scout, cheer the machine such as machine of machine, relieve a sick or injured person to plant, reach many 40 less, reach nearly 100 more. Besides, equipment is returned to of all kinds artillery and missile blast off on aircraft carrier frame wait for self-defensive weapon. The electronic facility amount that its equip is amazing. A contemporary aircraft carrier, only all sorts of radar catapult have many 80 about, receiver has more than 150 about, radar antennae is close 70, radio more than 100. Still have in addition various " tactical data system " be opposite well and truly in order to direct all sorts of weapons enemy fire.

Go to can make so heavy colossus goes up in the sea, huge dynamical plant was installed on aircraft carrier. Like the United States " Nimitz " class of aircraft carrier be fully loaded with displacement 91500 tons, the liberation that is equivalent to 9000 replete goods is free the gross weight of lorry or the igneous train wagon of 1100 many replete goods. But the rate that aircraft carrier voyage rises is not slow however, amount to 30~35 section, the 3~4 that is equivalent to general passenger liner times, and all these, because there is one to cover on aircraft carrier,be completely " strong " particularly big power plant, with respect to the United States " Nimitz " date aircraft carrier, the general power of its power plant amounts to 300 thousand horsepower unexpectedly! The motivation that the place of company of factories and mines that the city waits for in mixing almost needs comparatives. In addition, what need on aircraft carrier with n very big also, the total electricenergy production on a modern aircraft carrier amounts to 2 kilowatt, with medium city illume uses n about the same.
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