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Why does Russia call aircraft carrier cruiser?
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Russia navy has 5 aircraft carrier and ship of 2 helicopter mothers, its government calls these naval vessel all the time cruiser, among them Mu Jian of helicopter of 2 Muscovite class is called " large go instead the naval vessel that return ocean " , 4 base complementary class aircraft carrier is called " tactical aviation cruiser " . Right Bilisi degree is large the appellation of aircraft carrier, on October 19, 1988 " Pravda " when reporting for the first time, call its aircraft carrier, but to October 22, 1988 " Pravda " correct again for " heavy-duty carry machine cruiser " . Visible, russia to aircraft carrier this one appellation is very sensitive. What reason is this after all?

To this, western navy expert thinks, once profess to have aircraft carrier,this is, what will be signed in Turkey on July 20, 1936 by Mengtele " about (the Black Sea) the convention of sound system " tie. Because this convention stipulates the Black Sea is coastal the warship of each country or aircraft carrier, be like not beforehand announce Turkey, will not get freedom to pass Bosipulusi channel and channel of Da Dani Er. Russia makes an appointment with one of countries as 11 autographs, should abide by convention. However, want to press this convention completely to do, produce conflict with respect to the global strategy interest of meeting and Russia, the policymaker place of Russia will never agree with this. And the concerned personage of face of Russia sea army by deny this one view. They explain, this one convention is to make sure Turkey and other the Black Sea are coastal of the country safe and sign, the warship of any tonnage can pass these countries these two channel, just connect outdated to must not use carrier-borne machine. They emphasize " heavy-duty carry machine cruiser " and " aircraft carrier " substaintial distinction depends on: Former be " of defence sex " , and latter is " aggression sex " . No matter be western analysis, still be the explanation of Russia, can see Russia calls aircraft carrier the reason of cruiser, it is with Turkey convention concerns Mengtele, and the strategic interest that this kind of relation criterion can affect its country directly.