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Why does equipment want to aid on aircraft carrier fall system?
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Carrier-borne plane should descend on short and narrow bevel angle board, not be a very easy thing, do bad plane or descend not to fall down afterwards, collide even naval rear; Or exorbitant do not fall to go up to board, develop a board and fall into sea mile.

Wear well and truly to make sure the plane is safe naval vessel, must adopt measure of a few technologies to help air man observes and descend. What use at first is optics is aided fall lens. It is the illuminator with tremendous one side actually, set in bevel angle board to wear naval vessel chooses a side, rely on the illuminant that stern installs technically, illuminate arrives on illuminator, reflex again through illuminator next in sky, form next coast faces of a light. Air man is operating when the plane descends, can issue coast face solely to glide along this, correct an error according to the plane in the position in illuminator beam of light.

Later, martial technology personnel is developed again give a kind to call " Feiniele " lenticular optics is aided fall device. The distinction of this kind of device and former unit installed illuminant after lens namely, can shoot a yellow, red and orange through lens next coast faces with 3 kinds of different smooth colorific, limit position of on any account with these 3 kinds solely. Maize light is next tall coast face, red light is a next small coast areas, orange light is next correct coast face. The position of demarcate of smooth place of air man basis glides inside orange light area, can wear correctly surely naval vessel. If air man flies too tall or too lowly, what can see is maize light or red light only. In addition, still installed light of a kind of green to controlling deviation, when the plane towards the left or right when deviate, can see. This kind is aided fall device also has his to be not worth; Namely harships or smoother climate, the action distance of lamplight will shorten greatly.

To solve afore-mentioned problems, appeared again a kind of round-the-clock electron is aided fall system. This system is support on aircraft carrier dog accurately radar, measure a plane to be mixed with the relative position of aircraft carrier in descend the athletic data of the plane, other instrument measures repass the athletic condition that gives deck of aircraft carrier flight. The slope face place that applies a computer to glide the plane actually is as proper as what what ask glide the position undertakes comparative, reach error data. Next, launch this error to the plane through radio, on the plane drive automatically the system can undertake self-correcting according to error signal, reservation error is 0, ensure with this the plane nods safety to descend in a booked naval vessel.
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