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Why is aircraft carrier to be provided most fight powerfully unit?
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Aircraft carrier of aircraft carrier abbreviation. The naval ships that is a center with aircraft carrier forms into columns, it is the most powerful navy fights military strength.

It is with the U.S. Army exemple, usually American naval aircraft carrier forms into columns making up is: With 1 normally large aircraft carrier is a center, adscititious cruiser of a missile, destroyer of a missile, 3 chaser or frigate are made up. Perhaps make up again have ship of supply of battle of a high speed and an ammunition boat, call aircraft carrier battle group namely. But its are made up is not changeless. When if be in,high minatory sea area fights, aircraft carrier can increase 2, the amount of the cruiser of convoy and chaser also can increase accordingly. Additional, this kind of main action is made up still deploy 2 attack nuclear-powered submarine commonly.

One of main tasks of the surface combat troops that is a center with aircraft carrier are to control maritime space. To complete this one task, need has the capacity that make the sea. The ability that make the sea includes air defence, go instead and turn over naval vessel 3 kinds of basic ability. Have defence to come from in sky namely, underwater, atttack ability with surface. The range making the sea of aircraft carrier army is very wide. Its are pair of sky, right the control radius of the sea amounts to 250 sea mile (about 460 kilometers) ; Go instead control ability amounts to 150 sea mile (about 280 kilometers) .

Air arm force is aircraft carrier battle group is main fight force. Aircraft carrier of a nuclear power of American can embark in all 80-90 is worn or more all sorts of fighting plane. Include among them: Air defence of 24 F-14 fleet uses brunt battleplan (2 flights squadron) ; Attack plane of 24 F/A-18A combat or A-7E attack plane (2 flights squadron) ; 14 A-16E heavy-duty attack plane (squadron of a flight) ; Plane of 4 E-2C early-warning (squadron of a flight) ; Plane of war of 4 EA-6B electron (squadron of a flight) ; 10 S-3A go instead patrol machine (squadron of a flight) ; 6 SH-3H helicopter (squadron of a flight) .

Groovy motivation aircraft carrier embarks to go instead patrol the amount of machine and attack plane is restricted, but still can carry 75-85 to wear fight plane.