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Aircraft carrier is jumped over greatly more
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According to the aircraft carrier taxonomy of current world naval established by usage, be fully loaded with displacement to be in of 60 thousand tons of above for large, be in 3 ~ 60 thousand tons for medium-sized, in 30 thousand tons the following it is small-sized. If measure each country navy strictly according to this kind of taxonomy active service aircraft carrier, so 3 the United States' existing level of 12 aircraft carrier be fully loaded with displacement to be in 80 thousand tons of above, belong to large aircraft carrier entirely; Be fully loaded with displacement sixty-seven thousand five hundred tons Russia " Kuciniezunfu " aircraft carrier also can be attributed to date constrainedly large aircraft carrier. And belong to medium-sized aircraft carrier truly at present have France only " Daigaole " date; The aircraft carrier of the others country all is small-sized.

It is actor of large aircraft carrier after all, medium-sized still aircraft carrier is good, be not a few words to be able to make judge, each other are having respective actor weakness. We can be emphasized from the following the respect contrasts. Above all, compare carry the amount with park plane. Takeoff area, move is set on board of large aircraft carrier normally naval vessel area and stop aircraft division, stop aircraft division to basically be used at the others plane that park cannot hold in garage. Undoubted, the board area of large aircraft carrier is large, stop aircraft division area quite considerable, consequently can the plane amount of park is opposite more. Have 3 class with the United States the tonnage in aircraft carrier is the smallest " eaglet " dynamical aircraft carrier is date convention exemple, its flight deck is 318.8 meters long, 76.8 meters wide, flight deck gross area amounts to 25 thousand square metre; Half above is divided in more than 70 plane that place of complete naval vessel carries and helicopter but park is outside garage, still set on capacious board enough stop aircraft division, with the carrier-borne machine of the 50 % of 40 % ~ that park remains. The flying function in the park on flight deck is fast, slip to take off forthrightly area, fast investment fights the action, the plane response that should promote board the surface again than passing elevator from inside garage apparently is more quick, attend a war rate is higher.

Next, carry the sort of carrier-borne machine quite. Carrier-borne machine amount carries not only on large aircraft carrier much, and sort is whole, the type that carries out the task from this is much. With the United States " Nimitz " aircraft carrier is class exemple, there is battle of plane of battle / attack plane, early-warning, electron on aircraft carrier plane, antisubmarine plane and go instead the machine such as helicopter is planted, embarking amount many 70, 80 ~ still can increase when need 90 above. And France " Daigaole " the machine on aircraft carrier plants date less, only " flatus " battleplan, " accipitral eye " early-warning plane is planted with 3 machine such as helicopter. This shows, what the carrier-borne machine of large aircraft carrier can load modern sea warfare almost is all fight the task, and medium-sized aircraft carrier criterion because of machine kind finite, bring about its to carry out task type and ability all very finite.
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