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Haven construction administers a regulation
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Haven construction administers a regulation (the the Ministry of Communication makes 2007 the 5th)

" haven construction administers a regulation " already passed via conference of Wu of the 2nd ministry on January 25, 2007, grant to announce now, apply since June 1, 2007.

Ministerial Li Chenglin

Two years in April 24

General principles of the first chapter

The first builds management to strengthen haven, normative haven builds market order, assure haven project quality, basis " law of haven of People's Republic of China " , " regulation of construction project quality " , " construction project reconnaissance designs regulation " wait for law, administrative regulations, make this provision.

This the 2nd regulation is applied to build in churchyard of People's Republic of China, extend, rebuild haven builds a project (the haven that includes to be built with form a complete set of other construction project builds a project) the construction activity that reachs establishment of its form a complete set.

The construction activity of military affairs and piscatorial haven is not applicable this regulation.

The industry government that the 3rd the Ministry of Communication is in charge of countrywide haven building works, development of nation of specific and responsible classics and reform committee are examined and approve, the construction management that approve and the haven that examine and approve via the the Ministry of Communication build a project works.

The industry government that provincial traffic is in charge of a branch to be in charge of the haven inside area of politics of one's own profession building works, concerned department of provincial people government examines and approve specific and responsible classics, the construction management of the haven construction project of approve works.

The construction management of project of construction of the others haven works to be in charge of by department of administration of haven seat haven.

The branch of various transportation director that above is in charge of haven building management and a general designation of department of administration of haven seat haven are haven administration department.

Construction of the 4th haven ought to accord with haven distribution program and haven overall planning, implement concerned construction law, code, regulations and technical standard.

Project of construction of the 5th haven ought to execute system of liability of project legal person, invite public bidding to bid system of system, project inspect manage and contract run a system about the regulation according to the country.

Haven of the 2nd chapter builds program management

The construction program that construction of the 6th haven ought to set according to the country undertakes with concerned regulation. Outside having a regulation additionally except the country, do not get do sth without authorization to simplify construction program.
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