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Our country plans to come on stage " in propose measure of shipping mortgage fin
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Recently, the reporter is versed in from national defence division appoint office of government of countrywide shipping industry learns solely, relevant section is being built in protocol in method of shipping mortgage financing, need financing in order to solve place of local shipping production company to assure capital problem.

Not long ago, chief is in related office of government of countrywide shipping industry countrywide shipping industry discloses on working conference, at present industry of our country shipping is being built in protocol in method of shipping mortgage financing, predicting near future will come on stage.

In last few years, accompany global shipping manufacturing industry to be transferred to our country, all sorts of our country shipping make company order increase considerably. Among them the 47% above that at present shipbuilding crop mixes local dockyard to receive order newly to all achieve countrywide gross.

"But financing assures the development that the problem is restricting local company all the time. " work of family of Jiangsu province national defence does director Chu Xiaoping to express. "Active assure means cannot satisfy real requirement, financing of local shipping company assures pressure is enormous. " Chu Xiaoping expresses, jiangsu saves the dockyard that is engaged in shipping exit to basically have 7, had not formed wholesale shipping group, as a result of individual shipbuilding industry general capital fund puts an amount lesser, the enterprise has asset to assure oneself ability is limited. Additional, the each other between the enterprise maintains a venture bigger; Pass financing of foreign trade company, financial cost increases.

The reporter understands, actually shipping industry mortgages financing method has tried somewhat on the place. Countrywide shipping industry manages office controller Zhang Xiangmu to express to the reporter, national mortgage financing method is absorbing a place make on the foundation of pilot experience, popularize to the whole nation.

The reporter notices, what the Jiangsu province that just is local shipping heavy province takes the lead in undertaking is pilot. As we have learned, 2006 end, " Jiangsu saves financing of mortgage of the shipping in building pilot method " .

This pilot method regulation, alleged financing of mortgage of the shipping in building, it is to show shipping everybody will build medium shipping to regard as assure the behavior that content mortgages hypothec person undertakes financing. Guaranty person nonperformance expires when debt, hypothec person has authority to realize hypothec lawfully. Hypothec person includes company of bank of imports and exports, commercial bank, large foreign trade to reach assure company.
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