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Chinese ocean environment monitors a system -- marine station and project of con
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Chinese ocean environment monitors a system -- marine station and project of construction of system of volunteer boat observation run way
Country 2000 〕 of 〔 of word of lake be surrounded by mountains 10


Institute of the each substation, center that monitor, forecast center, information center, marine technology:

" Chinese ocean environment monitors a system -- marine station and project of construction of system of volunteer boat observation run way " classics project heads a group the 2nd times the conference is authorized through. Give now print and distribute, execute since the day of print and distribute oneself.
Ask you to strengthen constituent leader, carry out seriously fulfil, ensure a purpose is successful carry out.

National ocean bureau
Two years on January 12

Chinese ocean environment monitors a system -- marine station and project of construction of system of volunteer boat observation run way

The first chapter  General principles  

The first monitors a system to Chinese ocean environment to strengthen, marine station and project of construction of system of volunteer 

boat observation (project of the following abbreviation) management, assure a purpose to carry out the implementation that reachs overall 

goal smoothly, make this way especially.    The 2nd project is carried out practice unified leader, centralized management, unified 

design, make overall plans, the principle that cent pace carries out.    

The 3rd  The project is carried out need to be saved littoral each (city, area) people government and the support of concerned branch 

and participate in, produce the initiative of each respect adequately, construction and the ocean environment that perfect the whole nation 

monitor a system. 


The 2nd chapter  Project origanization construction  

The 4th establishs a project to head a group, set project office and project technology group.    

Group of leader of the 5th project is the guidance of the project and decision-making orgnaization, carry out fulfil a state committee of 

planning the spirit of give an official to the project, be in charge of the unified leader to the project, supervise carry out. The project 

leads group group leader by national ocean bureau  The leader is held the position of, assistant group leader parts by bureau 

department of ocean environment protection, office (financial department) the leader is held the position of, the member is comprised by the 

leader of institute of the center of each substation, forecast, center that monitor, information center, marine technology.    Office 

of the 6th project is project leader group handle affairs orgnaization, carry out executive project to lead the decision of the group, be in 

charge of the organization that the project carries out and management. Project office is set in ocean environment to protect department, 

office director by  Ocean environment protection manages the leader is held the position of, the member protects department and office 

by ocean environment (financial department) concerned personnel composition.    

The technology that group of technology of the 7th project is a project supports an orgnaization, organize and coordinate next beginning 

what be in project office to work. The organization that responsible technique works, harmonious, guidance and supervise. Technical group by 

the technical person that concerns with the project  Member composition.    

The 3rd chapter  Project plan weaves  

Spirit of the 8th give an official that studies report and state committee of planning according to project feasibility joins project of 

actual condition work out overall program.    

The work out of overall program should act on the 9th project the principle of be practical and realistic, consideration demand and feasible 

two respects, stress a focal point, give attention to two or morethings is general, develop the efficiency that the country invests 

adequately.    Group of leader of project of classics of overall program beard discusses the 10th project and director of bureau of 

newspaper country ocean handles official bussiness the conference is authorized.    

Eleventh the content according to overall program and requirement, weave overall technology program is mixed overall executive program, 

undertake decomposing to the project, differentiate a certain number of cent project.    Dozenth each minutes of project assumes an 

unit to answer according to the project overall program, overall technology program is mixed overall executive program, specific technology 

program mixes the cent project that weaves this unit place is assumed specific executive plan. Cent project can be divided  Do a 

subproject, every subproject must be on the foundation of sufficient argumentation, the authorized strength is particular design program, 

technology program, executive plan and project project book.    

The 4th chapter  Of the project carry out  

Thirteenth of the project carry out set about system of job responsibility of project legal person by the country, execute a contract to 

control government. The project leads group group leader to be delegate of this project legal person; Each minutes of project assumes an 

unit to must distribute delegate of project legal person certainly. By  The project leads group group leader and delegate of cent 

project legal person to sign project contract.    

Office of the 14th project organizes the specific design program that undertakes an unit to distributing an item each, technology program, 

executive plan and project project book to undertake examine and verify, after via the project leader group is approved, make known to lower 

levels divides project task ( Anticipate  The) such as content of target, task, plan, achievement and funds arrangement.    

Project of the 15th cent assumes an unit to must build corresponding origanization construction, be in charge of dividing the organization 

that the project carries out and government. Cent project legal person represents the cent project that undertakes to this unit place to 

bear overall responsibility.    Project of the 16th cent assumes an unit to should fulfil project contract strictly. The partial 

content that wants bisect project truly in executive process (schedule of content of the target of each subproject construction that 

includes to divide project place to contain, task, construction,  funds is installed  The platoon) when undertaking adjustment, 

must put forward to project office ahead of schedule written declare, give an official of classics project office is rear can undertake.  


The seventeenth divides a purpose to carry out execute double monthly magazine to announce a system, before each minutes of project assumes 

an unit to should be in 25 days of double month to project office written report the executive case that this unit divides project contract. 

   Organization of office of the 18th project dogs to the project examination and metaphase are evaluated. If discover what did not 

fulfil project contract, the project leads a group to investigate the duty of delegate of minute of project legal person.    Office of 

the 19th project and cent project assume an unit to should adopt an edge to carry out the means that the edge grooms, the Training Within 

Industry that organizes a variety of forms works.    

Various business is in charge of a branch to should sum up experience in time in executive process of the 20th item, make the operating 

rules of automation observation instrument that builds photograph form a complete set with the project, system of observation of marine 

station, volunteer boat, platform runs way,    build the moves effectively job mode after applicable project completes one cycle and 

administrative system.    

The 5th chapter  The action of the project bids  

System of the 21st project is compositive the type selecting that reachs instrument device, purchase by the country marine bureau is united 

undertake, execute action bid means.    

Group of technology of the 22nd project is compositive to the system after raising technical requirement and target with instrument 

equipment, by project office action of work out project is bidden the job plans, organize book of protocol project invite public bidding, 

via the project leader group is examined and approve  Hind. Undertake invite public bidding.    

The 23rd system that win the bid is compositive reach book of instrument equipment contract to lead group group leader to sign by the 


The 24th system that adopts means of invite public bidding to purchase to shoulding not be is compositive reach instrument device, press 

plan of the technical target that project technology group raises and type selecting by project office, undertake unity purchasing. 


The 6th chapter  The management of project funds  

The management of funds of the 25th project is rigorous about national debt according to the Ministry of finance special fund is executed " 

only door management, branch is direct appropriate capital " the announcement asks to carry out (1999 〕 of 〔 of money radical word 530) .  

  Must carry out keep expenditures within the limits of income to the use of funds, economize, the principle of careful calculation and 

strict budgeting, ensure of the project finish.    

Bureau of ocean of the 26th country executes budgetary sheet to list to project funds, alone business accounting, special fund is special. 

Cent project assumes an unit to must not be held back with any forms, divert or crowded occupy.    Office of the 27th project weaves 

project funds budget reachs schedule allocating funds, after the bureau that leader group discusses classics project to pass and sign up for 

a project to head department of group group leader and director finance affairs leads approval, include financial plan allocating funds,  

  the plan allocating funds after pressing approval by financial department carries out appropriate. Did not include a project funds 

estimated project funds must sign up for the appropriate after approving separately.    

National finance affairs, audit manages basis of department of the 28th various finance affairs, audit system, undertake supervisory to the 

use circumstance of project funds, examination. The project assumes an unit to want to accept ranking finance affairs, audit and project 

office  Supervise, examination.    

The 29th provision that sets to pressing project contract undertakes, should stop allocate funds, inspect a circumstance to make processing. 


Project of the 7th chapter is checked and accept  

Thirtieth  Lead what the group manages pair of projects to check and accept by the project.    

After thirtieth divides a project to assume an unit to be finished in the task, should press the demand of the contract, refer application 

to check and accept a report to project office.    

2 projects check and accept thirtieth unqualified, inspect a circumstance to find out the liability that project legal person represents.  


After 3 projects check and accept thirtieth, right in the project the unit that success makes in carrying out and individual give award.  


After 4 projects finish thirtieth, answer to concern archives government regulation by the country, arrange all sorts of data file, do not 

get be lost and individual to have. File data includes: Blueprint of project of plan of marine site distribution, construction, instrument 

is set  Equipment action bids real estate of report of type selecting of equipment of file, instrument, earth counterpoises agreement 

of proof, access, check and accept a report to wait.    

The 8th chapter  Supplementary articles  

Thirtieth divides a project 5 times to assume an unit, answer to make project management carry out detailed rules according to this method, 

newspaper item office puts on record.    

Thirtieth 6  This method is carried out since the day that from the project leader group approves.    

Thirtieth this 7 method are in charge of explaining by project office.    

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