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Channel management lock runs way
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The Ministry of Communication of People's Republic of China makes

The 5th

Release now " lock government measure " apply since October 1, 1989.

Ministerial Qian Yongchang 

On August 3, 1989

Lock runs way

(the 5th order released the the Ministry of Communication on August 3, 1989)

General principles of the first chapter

The first is the management that strengthens pair of lock and conserve, ensure the safety of lock, expedite, produce the effect of lock adequately, had been brake marine better waterborne facilities serves, basis " regulation of channel of People's Republic of China " with the State Council other concerned provision, make this way.

Branch of director of the 2nd various lock is right administer the lock inside limits executes unified managing, each lock should establish administrative institute (place, station) , be in charge of the specific management of lock and conserve.

The 3rd lock management must the purpose that establish serves for shipping, accomplish science management, reasonable use, scheduled repair, maintain equipment to run normally, develop the carrying capacity of lock adequately, offer safe, seasonable, convenient moving condition for associate with shipping.

The 4th lock reachs his the land of section of accessary establishment, lock management, water area and establishment, get national protection, any units or individual do not get embezzlement or destroy.

Lock of the 2nd chapter manages

The main responsibility of branch of director of the 5th lock is:
(one) mix about law, code according to the country this method, leader and government of supervisory examination lock work;
(2) build perfect administration, make concerned regulations system, operating rules, groom administrator;
(3) make annual plan, examine and approve lock overhaul plan;
(4) offer an opinion to building the program of lock, design, construction; The complete that attends lock is checked and accept and hand over the job.

Institute of the 6th lock government (place, station) main responsibility is:
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