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China shares policy of delibrate OECD shipbuilding
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December 2006 18~19 day, national defence division is versed in appoint constituent industry delegate, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development that attended to be held in French Paris (OECD) member and system of blame member economy the seminar about shipbuilding trade policy.

This second conference is agreement of new international shipbuilding after the negotiation is suspensory, the first time that OECD shipbuilding working group holds and system of economy of blame OECD member the seminar about shipbuilding trade policy. Delegate attending the meeting with respect to each country (area) shipbuilding trade policy and development state of affairs, development of the overall demand trend of world shipbuilding industry, ability is forecasted, main boat market demand analysis, and science and technology develops and the respect such as the influence of environmental protection regulation to shipbuilding industry undertook communicating. Delegate of the governmental delegate of body, trade delegate and concerned international organization attended the economy of member of 10 blame OECD such as the system of economy of 15 OECD member that comes from European Union, Japan, Korea to wait inside and China, India the conference.