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Shipping registers supervisory government measure (try out)
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About releasing " shipping registers supervisory government measure " (try out) announcement

(on November 22, 1996 bureau of harbour superintendency administration of People's Republic of China

284 article release 1996 〕 of 〔 of harbor inspect word)

Each sea (water) go up security supervisory bureau, supervisory bureau of boat of the Yangtse River, Heilongjiang harbor, boat of harbor of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government supervises:

Register management to strengthen shipping, the standardization that stimulative shipping manages, release now " shipping registers supervisory government measure " (try out) , apply since June 1, 1997.

To implement this measure, notice concerned issue as follows now:
The appendix of this 1. method one, namely the shipping that bureau of harbour superintendency administration of People's Republic of China announces registers mechanism name to reach its to register limits and use ship to register special rule, shipping to register sheet of famous general of number, port of registry to imprint additional hair, collection pressworks cost extends to each unit. After asking each unit to receive this announcement fast want place the amount to sign up for my bureau in order to save for the unit.
2. unites the ship that order to register certificate, certificate to my bureau except each unit (method indicates the 6th times) outside, all letter that print by oneself, certificate all regards as forge. The unit with the original insufficient letter that order is asked fast connection of as maritime as China advisory service center.
The probation that 3. registers to shipping works to supervise administrative job to should link shipping safety daily as management of harbor of pass in and out of examination, shipping undertakes. To strengthen the special management that shipping registers, my bureau will be nonsked organize examination of special speak or sing alternately.
The shipping that 4. exceed one's authority registers registers mechanism, should return not only already the concerns the pay that register charge of collection, and the other pecuniary loss that because exceed one's authority registers pair of shipping that cause to cause,still should bear.
The certificate that the place of 5. exceed one's authority that register signs and issue is noted in the lid " become invalid " after seal, the time regulation that can continue to hold this certificate to sail not to exceed 30 days is confined to in home, the shipping of international and course of HongKong and Macow must not run this certificate leave a country.
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