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The State Council is discussed and pass " long-term development plans in shippin
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Wen Jiabao of premier of the State Council chairs call together 16 days to open the State Council standing conference, national defence division is versed in appoint director Zhang Yunchuan attends the meeting. The conference is discussed and the principle is passed " long-term development plans in shipping industry " .
The conference points out, chinese shipping industry is to have the industry with stronger international competition ability and integrated development distinct advantage. Future is the crucial period that Chinese shipping industry grows 10 years, want to seize opportunity, develop a program through make and carrying out shipping industry, raise level of whole of Chinese shipbuilding industry, stimulative shipping industry can grow continuously.
The conference emphasizes, shipping industry grows, want exert oneself to had paid the following respects: It is to deepen reform, stimulative system innovation and management upgrade, improve manufacturing efficiency; 2 it is to optimize shipping industry to organize a structure further, integrated industry resource, improve moving beneficial result; 3 it is to develop technical innovation energetically, raise own research and development ability and marine equipment complement ability; 4 it is to insist to introduce come and go to develop simultaneously, encourage an enterprise to develop an international market energetically; 5 it is to strengthen team of shipping industry person with ability to build.