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Hill custom base of 1 million tons of shipbuilding head receive provincial order
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Recently, the boat of 93000 tons of bulk cargo that the boat is versed in shipbuilding of custom of limited company of group company international trade, hill is versed in finite liability company serves as associated bargainor and Heibei ocean to carried Inc. to sign 4 contracts amount to exceed 200 million dollar again again in makes a contract. This is the single ship tonnage that Heibei province carries on up to now the shipping order for goods with highest cost of the biggest, contract.

It is reported, captain of ship of 93000 tons of bulk cargo 235 meters, model 38 meters wide, model deep 20.7 meters, designed draft 12.5 meters, speek of a ship or plane 14.3, boat of the Panama after belonging to bulk cargo. This boat by in research center of design of shipping of boat heavy industry and hill custom shipbuilding are versed in finite liability company combines development again, it is our country the new ship that owns completely own intellectual property. These boats will be used widen after cut, ship mine the goods such as arenaceous, coal and commissariat. Hind because boat of Panama bulk cargo is designed more reasonable, sexual price is compared outstanding, have competition ability more than boat of traditional Panama bulk cargo.