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Consign of 30 thousand tons of special barge uses sea oily project
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The reporter learns from sea oily project, on Feburary 28, 30 thousand tons of conduit wearing that this company investment builds enter the water special barge makes a boat formally in Qingdao. This boat regards an Asia as conduit of tertiary of the biggest, world wear special barge, will use at at the beginning of this year March be about to the lading that conduit wears a finishing Yu 30-1 gas field and enter the water use. This also is meant, in the sea is oily the project already obtained a gas field of 30-1 of the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty significant progress.

30 thousand tons of conduit wearing enter the water special barge is 235 meters long, model 52.5 meters wide, model deep 14.25 meters, the largest loading capacity 60 thousand tons, live for nobody, the special board barge that boosts a system without motivation, basically be sea oily project to reach maritime space of international deep water to offer large conduit to wear in Nanhai maritime space, the deep water platform such as module, TLP or SPAR carries a service. On March 10, 2007, sea oily project and in boat of north of Qingdao of boat heavy industry weighs what labour signed this boat to make a contract, arrive to be built at present finishing the time that used 10 many months only. Jiang Xizhao of president of sea oily engineering expresses, these 30 thousand tons of conduit wearing enter the water barge is company shipping form a complete set is changed, seriation construction and the significant move that executive deep water develops the strategy, it raised our country maritime conduit to wear substantially, large and maritime platform is carried, ability of deep water exercise and the competition ability in the international market, will accelerate sea oily project the pace that to international company of top-ranking energy engineering strides.

Jin Xiaojian of general manager of department of project of head office of Chinese marine oil expresses, the in handing in a boat to be on time sea of this barge is oily of a project of Yu 30-1 gas field carry out smoothly provided safeguard. Time Yu 30-1 gas field is located in basin of mouth of Southern China Pearl River, it is medium sea oil is in area of Nanhai the eastpart part a Yu with self-supporting development, the largest investment / the one part that benefit city natural gas develops a project jointly. In June 2006, time Yu 30 - after 1 gas field guides pipe rack is being installed, be discovered partial underwater structure produces end ministry to be out of shape, sea oil passes research in, rebuild conduit wearing finally the project gave sea oily project.