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Contemporary heavy industry 410 billion Han Yuan is reconstructive new dockyard
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Contemporary be versed in highest and decision-making layer passed a resolution a few days ago again, reconstructive a new dockyard.

Contemporary the Wei Shan that is versed in existing dockyard is located in horn of Korea peninsula southeast again, new dockyard address criterion bright peninsula of hold office at court of make choice of on the west group of hill of the coast, investment amount is 410 billion Han yuan, cover an area of a face to accumulate 2.328 million square metre. This dockyard year the large ship that shipping designs productivity to be 100 thousand tons of above 20, a large dock is built inside the factory, will configure a 1600 tons crane. As we have learned, new dockyard is about to begin construction, plan 2010 put into production. At the appointed time, contemporary the Wei Shan of heavy industry is mixed two dockyard will have group of mountain in all 11 dock. Contemporary heavy industry expresses, expectation digests the order with at present medium hand as soon as possible through augment equipment.