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In steel assist appeal steel look forward to merchandise on hand of boycott forc
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Just mix in force develop group all states iron ore negotiation still was continueing 2008, but the steel in yesterday assist relevant controller discloses to the reporter, because supply and demand is bilateral difference is vast, short-term inside end impossibly. Increase over-the-counter trading in the light of force develop, in steel assist boycott of appeal home steelworks.

Disclose according to some steelworks personage, force develop company planned 1 million tons to face Chinese market to sell iron ore of merchandise on hand in January 2008, begin to be sold with means of invite public bidding. This personage says, shanxi, a few of Heibei and other places medium or small steelworks a few boats 62 % - 63% pink mine clinchs a deal with C.I.F, and the price is as high as 185-190 dollar / ton, taller than long-term contract price 120% . As we have learned, at present spot price is 88-90 U.S. dollor to price of excessive of long-term contract price / ton, 15 million tons of iron ore are sold in spot market, the profit before the duty that sells many 1.3 billion U.S. dollor than long-term contract, it is force develop company almost the half of gain of sale of all 2007 iron ore.

Occupy personage of know the inside story to divulge, in steel assist steelworks of home of the appeal on the regular meeting of committee of job of entrance iron ore that yesterday Yu Naning holds rises jointly, boycott the iron ore merchandise on hand of force develop. In steel assist think, the behavior of force develop makes a negotiation more difficult.