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Build and repair develops simultaneously hill boat is versed in ceaseless tamp b
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The solidarity that fluctuates through the company goes all out in work, hill custom shipping was versed in boat of build and repair of finite liability company and marine project obtained satisfactory result again 2007. Annual accumulative total is finishing repair and change lading ship in all 134, implementation lay-up production value 1 billion yuan, grow 50 % compared to the same period, achieve the history best level. Meanwhile, the shipping that hill boat is versed in again built a level to also realize qualitative leap, with 30 thousand tons bulk cargo boat is a mark, shipbuilding development posture is being approved forward quantify, dimensions changes stride.
Shipping is repaired period shorter, project is multifarious, large shipping and tanker are in the majority is a when hill boat is versed in lay-up was produced 2007 again marked characteristic, manufacturing peak the corresponding period bear lay-up ship amounts to 20. In lay-up resource the situation with finite, dock and extremely tight dock falls, they on one hand science is reasonable use resource of existing facilities facilities, do well balanced production; On one hand the productivity demand with not contemporaneous basis, contract to do a job the shipping of different type, in a planned way begins management work purposefully. Will come on April 28 last year only on May 28 in the time of a month, have 17 ship finishing from the factory, achieved company lay-up new record.
Repair in convention obtain satisfactory result while, tanker of VLCC simple case changes his costume or dress the another large window that makes hill boat weigh labour. Last year annual, this company finishs shipping to change one's costume or dress in all 5, include tanker of tanker of two VLCC simple case, two finished product and an Afula tanker among them. Especially tanker of VLCC simple case changes his costume or dress present a good development the look of things, and it is one compares a weak point of time limit for a project, change one's costume or dress the level holds domestic lead position all the time. Change his costume or dress in shipping domain, this company in order to change one's costume or dress speed level of fast, technology tall, quality is good and the favour that accepts domestic and international ship-owner fully.
In shipbuilding respect, this company increased manufacturing facilities and establishment investment, increased shipbuilding capacity not only, and pull current Cheng is straightened further, technology design also got optimizing subsequently. 4 3 date, boats mix boat of 30 thousand tons of bulk cargo 2600TEU container boat 2 boats shift to an earlier date early or late finishing consign; "The victory works 4 " Xiu Jingping stage, " in oily sea 3 " sit platform of bottom type artesian well as scheduled hand over a completed project, this is this company since extending marine project, first in those days inside complete project of two seas modern project, positive effect produced inside course of study. Head make boat of big lake bulk cargo entered the water on December 30, 2007, berth period only 48 days, achieve domestic head to make a boat berth period is the shortest record.
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