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Heart ship yacht pulls hand universal to develop yacht of battery of first lithi
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On January 6, the heart ship yacht of subordinate of heart China group makes limited company and collaboration of versatile group success develop a country yacht of battery of the first lithium, pass shakedown score a success. It is reported, this is this company is looking at accurate water to go up after huge market innovate again.

The predecessor of heart ship yacht is flying Apsaras houseboat, with the manufacturing concept of environmental protection, the two archaize ship that the company before this produces already carried arrange wet ground of bridge of justice area stone toward Beijing, dress up green Olympic Games for the capital. Last year in November, the company still won Hangzhou to rest of rich garden " show appreciation for sb " , the houseboat that provides 50 same specification for its in succession.

According to heart ship yacht deputy total Qiu Yujie introduces, the company developed development to give lithium battery independently to versatile group in understanding pure dynamoelectric Y9 travel bus, and this car is enraged in day of high temperature, rainstorm, underwent the test of road safety, after the message with very good effect, want to use this one technology go up in production houseboat, advanced cooperative purpose to versatile group then. Both sides passes arrange with for many times, survey of final course market and client demand the body is custom-built lithium battery yacht. It is reported, this is yacht of battery of first lithium of domestic.

Exterior of yacht of this lithium battery is archaize yacht, apply to scene area and park sightseeing travel, speek of a ship or plane amounts to hour of 10 kilometer / . The lithium cell that this yacht uses and common lead accumulator are the biggest differring is, had not only 0 discharge, the advantage of feebleminded bad news, and volume is minor, charge rate is rapid, can adjust a capacity freely, its weight has the 1/3 of plumbic accumulator only. This lithium battery is returned but maintenance-free 3 years, although be not used also but depreciation reclaims.

Additional, what differ with traditional yacht is, of this yacht drive the stage has one liquid crystal to display screen, use rise convenient and beautiful. Go soon, this kind of indication screen is had almost and the function with car same cab, there is voltage, electric current to wait on indication screen, each functions can find corresponding place. It is reported, when electric current is insufficient, indication screen returns can timely reminder to want to charge.  

As we have learned, this one technology is before yacht is shakedown, both sides is opposite technically already on the bank batteries passed lithium to experiment repeatedly, combine the humidity on water to wait for character greatly, the operation that sails according to surface asks, made the improvement on the technology further. After passing shakedown test, each function everything is normal.
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