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Force develop will purchase cargo ship of 3 iron ore
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Zhou Yi in the morning force develop company (Rio Tinto)(RTP) announces, already began to purchase 3 cargo ship, so that iron ore from Australia western carry to China and other place, the market produces the demand of raw material to growing continuously to this kind of iron and steel.

Force pictures shows, buying these 3 boats with the price of 315 million dollar, the company still has the power that buys two cargo ship again.

Every afore-mentioned boats have the capacity that carries iron ore of 250 thousand metric ton. At present these boats are being made in, manufacturer is Japanese Namura dockyard, ship general 2012 end begins consign to use.

Hope of develop of force of mining industry tycoon mixes Australia the iron ore of Guinea year productivity rises on existing foundation double, to 600 million metric ton / year above.

The presiding apparitor of company of force develop iron ore hill Mu - Walsh (Sam Walsh) expresses: "Carry and carrying management what have competition ability is us the main component in growing plan. These very large ore cargo ship will help us offer better delivery for the client in future, will be in at the same time long-term inside make freight maintains in inferior level, this will be helpful for our partner. This will be helpful for our partner..

Iron ore reserve is need and need develop (one of reason of the force develop that BHP) tries to buy headquarters to be located in London.

If be mixed surely,need develop success quote buys force develop, at the same time the market competition of other place of Europe and world is in charge of an orgnaization to approve this to trade, the new company after incorporating restricts control whole world the iron ore production of 1/3, company of fresh water river valley (the iron ore provider that RIO) will become the world to go up to be able to be compared exclusively to it.

Before the final deadline Feburary 6, need and need develop can announce company intended quoted price buys force develop, perhaps state oneself put forward to buy quoted price formally innocently. Force develop respect points out clearly already, the purchased draft resolution to underestimate force develop value that need and needs develop exchanges share of develop of a force with 3 oneself stock.

Force develop buys Xemplar of purpose

In addition, england " on Sunday wall bulletin " a report points out, force develop buys Xemplar of Canadian uranium company of purpose- - its operation basically is located in Namibia churchyard. This newspaper still says, force develop hope is in the mine that is located in Namibia to undertake becoming independent probation to Xemplar before quote.

The share price of 5 calculates the basis last week, the market prise of Xemplar is about 737 million add yuan (add up to) of 742 million dollar about. But, the analyst mark of Fairfax of London certificate business - Eliot (Marc Elliott) thinks, the value of Xemplar approachs 2 billion dollar.
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