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Chance of Zhen Hua port: Present as leading role 8 years a list of names posted
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Regard the world as famous crane and manufacturer of large steel structure, shanghai Zhen Hua haven is mechanical (group) Inc. adapted successfully a record of domestic container industry: Make our country turns into from the entrance country exuviate of container crane the world's greatest container crane exports a nation.

Chance of Zhen Hua port grows in mouth of the Yangtse River not only promote the large-scale harbor machine with the oldest dimensions of insular building world to produce base, and successive order of machinery of 8 years of large container occupies first place of world person of the same trade high, a one company that has cargo ship of whole of 60 thousand tons of class still buts in world person of the same trade. Up to by November 2007, the net assets of chance of Zhen Hua port reachs 1.5 billion dollar, become the oldest haven machine on the world and research and development of large steel structure and manufacturer.

Depend on powerful technical force and productivity, chance of Zhen Hua port is enrolled in international Japanese Mitsui, 3 water chestnut are repelled one after another in bidding, korea contemporary, SamSung, germany restrains the world well-known company such as captive uncle, its product enters 62 countries, own the world market share of 70% , quantity of produce and sale resides the world firmly 8 years continuously the first.

Now nowadays, no matter be,be like in the strong opponent forest European market, still be the main haven in and other places of the United States, Canada and South America, Europe, Asia, can see the container crane that chance of Zhen Hua port produces. Come nearly 3 years, fact of accumulative total of chance of Zhen Hua port exports income now 2.927 billion dollar, amount of the exit in making trade of equipment of our country machinery is the largest, take the company with market top share.