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New raise child below shipbuilding autograph one billion four hundred and ten mi
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By Jiangsu new raise child shipbuilding limited company is in cargo ship of container of standard of 20 when limited company of far container transport builds 4250 TEU, yesterday is official put into production. The total value that this piece of firm autograph makes an appointment with exceeds 10 billion yuan large sheet, it is afterwards last year this company and Italy " Borefanza " below company autograph 7. The another breakthrough after contract of 600 million dollar, it is indicating Jiang Yin achieved new major breakthrough in crossing river linkage to develop.
Limited company of shipbuilding of Jiangsu new Yang Zijiang is to take the lead in answering me to save one of river shade companies that cross Jiang Lian to move development and region economy to coordinate development, company settle is in Jiangsu river shade - after garden of industry of characteristic of shipping of garden of Jing Jiang industry, formed those who produce per year boat of container transport of 25 ocean standard quickly to produce can, before with one action ascends body complete countryman builds boat industry 3 armour and complete countryman look forward to 500 strong, appear on the market at succeeding in Singapore last year. This " in far " with " new raise child " first degrees of collaboration, achieved " in far " on the history approximate number of lot of collaboration of first time of industry of civilian battalion shipbuilding, as odd as home pen is measured the first with odd pen the autograph restricts amount first-class 3 record.
Current, new raise subsidiary already some order exceeded 4.6 billion dollar, manufacturing task already was discharged to 2012. To satisfy manufacturing need, the company already was accelerated 2, 3 period the plan of the project, go into operation will build entirely before this year October.