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Our country starts shipping to standardize research carrying a layer on the head
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To get used to international shipping standard and normative development trend, our country started shipping occupation standard to change a layer to study a task recently.

According to introducing, this task is learned to take the lead by Chinese shipbuilding project, heavy industry of shipping of research center of integrated technology economy, China standardizes Chinese shipping industry research center, chinese ship's classification society, medium the backbone unit that the unit such as far technology center studies for the task, by shipping industry important design, build an unit to offer a technology to prop up.

Main content includes research task to collect and analyse international advanced shipbuilding nation (area) Organization for Standardization and working circumstance, begin corresponding job to offer for our country draw lessons from; The sort that understands as close as shipping industry concern international standard, standard, regulation and newest version, dog, understand its to develop a trend, develop direction clearly to work next; Understand the development state of affairs of the respect such as occupation standard of our country shipping, standard, the complement that emphasizes pair of active systems and perfect put forward to answer measure and proposal; Collect those who arrange relevant international to the organization is promulgated regularly or be being made to concern shipping standard, the influence that to its the pair of shipping designs, influence that builds generation and job of existing to our country standardization bring undertakes analytic waiting. Study task general this year the bottom is finished, form total report and report of 4 special subject, undertake the expert is evaluated.

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