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" houseboat builds a standard " (2008) brief specification
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Need for what industry of contented China yacht grows, chinese ship's classification society is made and promulgated " houseboat builds a standard " .

" houseboat builds a standard " apply to the steel under coxswain 20m the houseboat of qualitative, glass reinforced plastics and aluminium alloy material, wait for the technical requirement with specific provision to the intensity of structure of system of a light boat of houseboat, turbine and electric unit, also make clear the means that houseboat accordance examines, program and certificate category, it is CCS begins houseboat accordance to examine the technical basis of business.

This houseboat builds a standard also is a the Ministry of Communication maritime bureau is about to promulgate " houseboat is legal examine provisional regulation " component, it is one of basises that our country signs and issue certificate of houseboat comfortable boat.

Accessory is this normative and referenced full text, final version with me official publication is the company accurate.