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Coating new bid is approached, are we ready?
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On July 1, international Maritime Organization (IMO) is new " location of double shipboard of special seawater ballast tank and bulk cargo boat protects shipping coating performance standard " (PSPC) be about to enter the 2nd phase that carry out, after this, the carries out limits compulsively to will sign shipbuilding contract later from December 8, 2006 captain of coating new standard reachs the bulk cargo boat of above and the oil tanker of rice and 150 above 90 meters, what after expanding to July 1, 2008, the autograph makes an appointment with is all 500 total the boat such as oil tanker and boat of ton of above bulk cargo, container ship. In addition, begin after January 1, 2009 build and after July 2012 all finishing shipping all applicable this standard. The expert inside course of study points out, no matter be,from coating the executive node of new standard looks, still be opposite this to do at present from industry of our country shipbuilding answer preparation and character, the situation is very urgent, not allow hopeful.

Answer new bid -- wide gap of difference of Chinese boat look forward to

Nie Lijuan says deputy secretary-general of guild of Chinese shipping industry, coating new standard passes a year of half time formally already, during this, include project of shipbuilding of guild of Chinese shipping industry, China ship's classification society of society, China inside Chinese shipbuilding group did a large number of jobs, company of appeal home shipbuilding is new to coating of the standard carry out compulsively give height to take seriously, from hardware establishment add and transform, build craft, technology and level of management rise, coating examines personnel aptitude grooms reach those who approbate a system to build wait for each respect to begin, to answer coating of new standard carry out compulsively had done sufficient preparation.

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