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"The standard upgrades " situation of adapting shipping industry
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-- visit vice-president of Chinese ship's classification society Mo Jianhui

In recent years, the ceaseless get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh of international standard, regular, convention, reflected the whole world the hasten of general trends place that maritime bound upholds marine safety and environmental protection jointly, this was destined international mark brigadier will upgrade ceaselessly in future replacement. That faces new condition, new standard, chinese shipbuilding industry, shipping is active and active accept, drift with the tide passively still? A few days ago, reporter special interview Chinese ship's classification society (abbreviation CCS) vice-president Mo Jianhui, he affected standard of great a few international, convention and regulation to undertake comprehensive illuminate to our country with respect to the near future, beyond question, these international standards in promoting develop the port with having principal and value to the future of industry of our country shipping.

-- " of globalization of alive bound commerce today, the standard is new trade barrier. The standard is new trade barrier..

"Standard competition all through the ages is competition of competition of prep above market, prep above product, it is the reapportion of interest and market share character actually. Below setting of unifinication of current whole world, the change of international standard can affect whole country to produce the promoting of course of study to decline even live or die.

Reporter: In recent years, the international Maritime Organization, European Union international that has consequence and area organization are emphasizing the promotion of shipping technology standard, come round to look from eye, in standard of international of a lot of respects upgrade replacement already was become it seems that inevitable, does its prime cause where?
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