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New standard of performance of coating of straight face of group of Chinese ship
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International Maritime Organization (IMO) in the look that the 82nd Haianhui deeplies worried in boat bound, passed consistently " location of double shipboard of special seawater ballast tank and bulk cargo boat protects all type shipping coating performance standard " . This mark brigadier is applied to compulsively sign after July 1, 2008 those who build a contract is all 500 total ton of above marine is special the double shipboard location of briny ballast tank and boat of bulk cargo of 150 meters of above. If not have,build a contract, criterion after January 1, 2009 the shipping of laid keel, or the shipping that the vessel makes after July 1, 2012 must accord with this standard.

Of coating new standard come on stage undoubted one stone arouses 1000 billow, will become what industry of our country shipping will grow henceforth is important restrict an element; But also should see, since Chinese shipbuilding group conforms with international standard oneself, experienced baptism for many times, answer a challenge with positive attitude, realized bright sublimate.

   Come on stage -- utmost safeguards Chinese interest

Ship structure is corroded, especially of briny ballast tank one of main factors that corroding is safety of influence shipping structure. Accident of a few great shipping, because ballast tank corrodes those who bring about a structure to intensity drops considerably and be caused badly,chasing after its reason is. Accordingly, this one problem gets all the time the attention of IMO, how does the 76th sea meet IMO from December 2002 only then, already made surely definitely mandatory standard of ballast tank coating.

Because this mark brigadier involves the interest that to shipping and shipbuilding two respects differ, in making a process, the both sides that represents different interest asks to the technology in the standard difference is very big. Chinese ship's classification society holds the position of chairman of this communication group, below the leader of the the Ministry of Communication, intervened this works earlier, report concerned information in time to Chinese shipbuilding group, promoted group of Chinese shipbuilding industry to make decided attention to this standard, in the process that makes in this standard, formed Chinese shipbuilding group organically participates in what shipbuilding standard concerns in IMO to make a mechanism.
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