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BIMCO standard contract is announced formally
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Baltic international is maritime consortium (transcript of contract of BIMCO) standard new shipbuilding was announced external recently.

BIMCO ever was in what give out contract of new shipbuilding of a standard to international shipping group and shipbuilding group at the beginning of 2007 ask for opinion draft, be in again after at the beginning of June on the general assembly that holds at our country Hong Kong roll out a final draft. Subsequently, BIMCO file committee undertook final written language decorates the job. This transcript and the distinction of before two draft depend on: The contract provision that asks for opinion draft in all 6 46 5 accessory, final draft instead 6 48 3 accessory, number of the clause of transcript, accessory and final draft are identical, but content is revised somewhat. BIMCO chief says, they plan to face world dockyard and ship-owner to hold a series of speeches at the near future meeting and seminar, publicize contract of this standard new shipbuilding.

As we have learned, bound of our country boat is in about branch and expert full text of contract of new to BIMCO standard shipbuilding and specification undertake thorough research, will become its interpret at the near future Chinese, the bound that offer a boat concerns unit and personnel reference to use.