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Conference of forum of standardization of industry of first China national defen
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Each concern an unit:

Be versed in in national defence division appoint, national level appoint, 13 the State Council such as ministry of ministry of science and technology, MII, construction, the Ministry of Communication, Ministry of Agriculture appoint below the guidance of ministry bureau, below the support in group of association of 23 states level, society and company of war industry group, large company, by industry of national defence science and technology 6 standardize professional orgnaization to be sponsorred jointly, industry of first China national defence standardizes forum conference to will be in Beijing to hold at coming 23 days on November 22, 2007.

The conference with " stimulative the army and the people is united in wedlock, lead an industry development " for the theme, set advocate forum and " standard and nuclear report " , " standard and civil spaceflight " , " standard and civil aviation implement " , " standard and civil shipping " , " standard and blow up equipment " 5 cent forum. Advocate forum will is versed in by national defence division appoint vice director Sun Laiyan, state level appoint ministry of vice director Sun Xiaokang, science and technology is new and high division of Dai Guojiang of department vice director, national defence is versed in appoint the division is qualitative department vice director the leader such as Heng Ru and. 5 cent forum will invite leader of relevant government orgnaization and authoritative orgnaization expert in all 65 people do thematic speech. At the appointed time, concerned government sector, guild (society) , nearly 1000 people will attend enterprise, research organization and expert scholar the conference.

Inform the conference as follows about item now:

1, conference time: In November 22~23 day, 22 days give priority to forum congress, 23 days divide forum conference for 5. Invite join meeting personnel to attend advocate forum congress and conference of forum of a cent.

2, meeting site: Center of Beijing international conference. Traffic course sees accessory 1.
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