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Jiangxi builds two class shipping industries of province, city to manage a syste
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[National defence division is versed in appoint dispatch of center of news conduct propaganda] the near future, jiangxi saves main shipbuilding to set area city to establish shipping trade management department. From this, system of management of industry of two class shipping forms Jiangxi province, city basically.

In recent years, jiangxi shipping industry gets developing more quickly, each economic norms has bigger breakthrough, shipping exit already was Jiangxi one of saving mechanical and electrical products to export major project, the action that shipping industry contributes for national economy already began to show. Develop to accelerate shipping industry, the management of normative shipping industry, jiangxi province government was approved in July 2006 established Jiangxi to save shipping industry to manage the office. Come one year, jiangxi saves shipping industry to manage the office to overcome all sorts of difficulty, solid work hard, in order of normative shipping market, coordinate shipping export trade, capital attraction, the respect such as layout of shipping industry program obtained better achievement. Concern to straighten industry government further, increase superintendency strength, coordinate via saving governmental general office, nanchang, 9 rivers, Ji An, on 6 main shipbuilding such as city of forgive, another name for Jiangxi Province, appropriate spring set area city to already all made clear shipping trade management department, the shipping industry inside responsible area under administration manages the job.

Origin: National defence division is versed in appoint news publicizes a center