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Oil tanker of convention standard hurried changes quickly model
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In the past these in year, the exterior change of oil tanker is very little, but industry public figure thinks oil tanker still may be development the fastest boat one of, especially association of international ship's classification society (the common structure of IACS) is normative (after CSR) become effective, will bring about oil tanker of 150 meters of above to design a change. Accelerate wash out simple case oil tanker to mean besides a few fuel boats, all building oil tanker newly is double carapace. Oil tanker of global simple case falls into disuse will finish 2010, the European Union prohibits through law of late simple case oil tanker, but country of a few Asias says cannot finish before this one date. And wash out measure to be able to pass oneself, make oil tanker is built lifted a climax, this should can contented market is right the demand of tonnage.

Although the simple case changeover to double carapace begins to be censured, but final and basic be accepted. And the CSR that IACS rolls out is not however such. By British work family name (LR) the United States and the common standard that earth should drive Norwegian ship's classification society caused ship-owner, ship's classification society even the difference between ACS member. Company of class of a few boats says the standard is only applicable shipping of 150 meters of above, implication is the shipping that they do not plan to apply to the standard other size or other boat model. CSR can bring about new shipbuilding to raise the amount using steel of 4~7 % normally, specific figure meeting ground boat, what size and relevant ship's classification society go is normative and differ somewhat, to drawing near the boat of 150 meters of captains is affected the biggest.

Order of oil tanker new shipbuilding is steep before CSR become effective last year in April add. Return some boats to change his costume or dress at the same time 150 meters the following. According to LR-Fairplay report, 21 order or arrive in 145 meters when build amount of 150 meters of shipping is 150 meters arrive almost 155 meters of marine 3 times. Certain international convention also is to apply to shipping of 150 meters of above only. The sky that astute ship-owner lent this to get international convention already also escaped CSR. The ship-owner of large ship also try every means reduces an influence, for instance crude oil boat is passed will transverse two cabin reduce 3 cabin instead steel measures increase.

To large ship, ship's classification society admits the best method of contented standard is not to alter existing design, redesign however. LR says to change existing design to also can bring about a large number of changes, same meeting increases cost. Want true implementation to produce efficiency to rise, should redesign. Short-term perhaps cost raised, but design life may be longer, it is long term investment.