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Commentary of market of new shipbuilding of close a week (2008.10.11-10.17)
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Suffer influence of American banking crisis, each main financing bank is faced with the west mortgage assets considerably the difficulty of the respect such as shrink and circulating fund insecurity, tighten up credit further thereby, the difficulty of financing makes a lot of new shipbuilding plan to must defer. In addition of delay of hasten of growth of global sea volume and near future freight rate drop considerably make be opposite in ship-owner new shipbuilding is careful all the more. Dockyard respect does his utmost to preserve current boat price level admittedly, but to those returning a large number of accommodation did not order the burgeoning dockyard that go out, below current and austere market condition, how to live going down just is the most important.

Market of bulk cargo boat this week clinchs a deal:

1.SIBA SHIPS is ordered in Korea STX build 2 81, 000 carring capacity ton boat of big mouth bulk cargo, 11/12 month made a vessel 2011, boat price is every 64.5 million dollar.

Oil tanker/ LPG boat / LNG boatThe market this week clinchs a deal:

1.Sealed ship-owner is ordered in Korea STX built 1 290, 000 carring capacity ton float type oil storage annulus (FSO) , will make a vessel in September 2011, boat price is 400 million 15 million dollar.

2.PREMUDA S.P.A.N is ordered in Korea SamSung built 1 115, 000 carring capacity ton tanker, will make a vessel in March 2011, boat price is left and right sides of 83 million dollar.

Container ship/Car boat/ OFFSHORE market this week clinchs a deal:

1.BELUGA SHPG is in Shanghai Shanghai east China dockyard is ordered built 4 20, 000 carring capacity ton multipurpose cargoboat, can install 974 mark box, will come to will make a vessel in June 2012 in November 2011, boat price was not announced. (Bai Yi)

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