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Disfavor of government of dissatisfaction of Indian ship business is marine cour
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Height of shipping of the 4th India can be held in Bombay a few days ago, maritime, shipbuilding and figure of level of ship business leader are in many India angle and level never are the same as on the meeting publish an opinion, think to answer with taking action actively with openly manner, look up sex forecasts marine development of the country before, the focus is to be put in Indian future to want to become global ocean country, enter a new era with abundant finance and financial help industry, develop off shore oil and market of oily, gas through capital construction. Oil gas is regarded as " biscuit and cattle are fat "

Congress invited the 500 people of 21 countries and area to attend a height to meet. On final sitting, on behalf of the India of Indian shipping industry ship-owner is met (INSA) chairman Xiagula is on the meeting it is oil and natural gas appearance " our biscuit and bovine oil " , as India company of high level ship is managing the final view that go up. He thinks Indian ship-owner meets urgent need and official of governmental energy department undertake a dialog. " we must the oil that more thorough ground enters sea area to search place to need, natural gas, and marine course of study needs to endure bring into contact with of a ground most these domains or branch. Worth while and glad is, many high-level personages, official gathers together, listen to each opinion. "

This chairman still points out, " whole industry grows crisis of service of the member that the height can have of great capacity of opportunity discussion India and attention future the skill, important role that teachs a talent. " " apparent ground, this imply writes a government to be in very likely before long establish the first national and maritime university in the future. "

  Add India first maritime university

Er of horse of library of Yi of trustee of dockyard of Ba Ladi of state-operated shipbuilding industry expects strongly to be able to obtain a government to support on finance. He tells a general India dockyard to whether determination wants to develop the importance that becomes nation of a shipbuilding to the country with p reaper.

He points out: " after all whether do we need a kind of new view, will make does Indian development become big country of a shipbuilding? If we have this kind of idea to should make a decision, because this involves a long-term and comprehensive policy, once we are done so if, we need to execute this kind of policy correctly. "

He appeals Indian government establishs committee of a high level, include the cacique of program ministry, Ministry of finance and national shipbuilding industry. " we need to teach people what to is meant by shipbuilding in heart. "

He still criticizes Indian government cold to shipbuilding industry heat not all manner, be in only the government once gave private company a period of time support 2002, he thinks shipbuilding industry has tremendous investment opportunity, inside the time that does not arrive 20 years, have large-scale redound, accordingly, official support is crucial. The government should agree to invest only, can earn good profit one day from beginning to end. Shipbuilding industry has a lot of things to be able to be done, now is moment lets everybody see.
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