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Close a week is secondhand boat market commentary (2008.10.11-10.17)
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The financial storm that sweeps across the whole world makes global capital supplies catenary increasingly nervous, global economy progress is immersed in decline brim to bring about the whole world again the marine demand of a large amount of raw material is dejected, BDI index is adjusted downward further, its from the peak value at the beginning of this year June 11689 bits, up to now already accumulative total drops 88% .

Secondhand the one side on boat market becomes silent, suffer the be a burden on that near future freight rate drops quickly, boat price is relevant also fall after a rise is very much, but because buyers and sellers makes to the vast difference of boat price,the market did not clinch a deal almost record. Before BDI index and hasten of macroscopical economy face are firm, predict at present this is planted low confused situation still will continue to go down continuously. A few high price that additionally our understanding goes to to be signed first half of the year this year clinch a deal and the business contract front that has not make a vessel faces renegotiate, some buy the home to consider to abandon buying boat deposit directly simply even.

Bulk cargo boat/ OBO boatThe market this week clinchs a deal:

Clinch a deal without relevant new shipbuilding last week report.

Oil tanker/Chemical boat/ LPG boat market this week clinchs a deal:

1. "TIGANI " , 97, 114 carring capacity ton double carapace tanker, japanese KOYO DOCK was built 1991, sell OCEANFREIGHT with the price of 40 million dollar, 8 years 4 quarters make a vessel, this annulus subsequently with a year period hire means to hire HEIDMAR, hire is everyday 29, 800 dollars.