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European bank is ajar shipping financing door
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The whole world erupts financial crisis, the bank tightens up shipping group financing and credit, make many ship company circulating fund inadequate. Nevertheless orgnaization of financing of shipping of German much home all expresses, won't excessive the credit that tightens up ship company, this brings good news for the shipping group that at present ready money is in short supply.

   Rate of German financing interest can rise

Orgnaizations of many German shipping financing think, be worth the difficult period of ship company now, financing orgnaization should develop use, particularly right long-term client, proceed financing. Germany revives credit bank (KFW) group spokesman expresses, be opposite for shipping financing uptodate with the business in the future very important, group should the timely company that it is a boat support that makes capital go up. Spokesman of bank of state of volition of German north heart also expresses, although state of finance of uptodate whole world makes,feel difficult when financing of many silver-colored advancing travel, what should go to still can offer stability for long-term client nevertheless is leasehold, but interest rate may be compared before tall.

   Maintain position of market of next year financing

And the German north bank that regards main shipping financing as the bank, although key is low recently,business growth anticipated 2009, nevertheless this spokesman expresses, although want to be faced with business,recombine and poorer market condition, still confidence maintains the leadership position on the market in financing of next year shipping. The CEO of Deutsche Schiffsbank AG of bank of financing of another main shipping moxa Nabeike admits, uptodate freight level is too low, ship company may is not worth as a result of capital, and fail to pay make new vessel fare. Nevertheless he thinks to be below this healthy finance state, can be ship company reasonable financing, it is normal to anticipate the market will reply before long, shipping and shipping financing orgnaization won't because of today second crisis and close down.

Many bank still is in uptodate whole world tighten up credit, in an attempt to raises amount of going from place to place, more London bank undertakes to ship company credit is counter-purchased directly last week. Industry public figure thinks, if ship company is in,difficulty appears on finance, and Euramerican bank fails to offer loan, may change direction to suffer financial crisis to affect less Asian bank temporarily leasehold, especially the bank of Singapore and China.

   Korea bank tendercy wants advertent

Suffer today second banking crisis is affected relatively the Korea of intense, also announced yesterday 100 billion dollar saves city program eventually, assure bank foreign currency borrows money, and to infuse of Korea industry bank zhuan3huan2 of 1 trillion Han (750 million dollar) governmental negotiable securities, strengthen bank financing condition and company make loans, expect conduce solves the capital turnover question of partial enterprise. The financial analyst Rodericks Wong of Singapore last week 3 attend Singapore of maritime week " maritime money " ever expressed when the conference, because Jiang Mozhu of minister of Korea Ministry of finance expresses to have no need,assure short-term loan of bank a person of same business, exciting Korea bank stops the message to ship company leasehold, one disaster after another of circumstance of result industry financing, and the plan saving city that announced yesterday is expected to bring a favourable turn.
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