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GL releases large container the boat builds new standard
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On September 23, german Lloyd's Register of Shipping (GL) is in the 23rd hamburger released new castigatory container on maritime meeting the boat builds a standard. GL executive president carries on his shoulder or back Mann Kelaien says, new standard applies to instead of original a few index at present new generation exceeds large container the index of the boat. These new index will build large container henceforth for dockyard the boat offers shipping to enter class and the guidance that build the respect such as the standard.

According to ministry of GL new shipbuilding Jane Aolafu Puluobaisi introduces senior vice president especially, in recent years, signed one after another on the market quite of the amount exceed large container boat contract, especially this summer, korea dockyard announces to be about to build the largest container ship on the world 22000TEU is giant container ship, before this, 16000TEU container ship also already research and development is successful. From present development the circumstance looks, container ship is large the development speed that change has anticipated more than, industry pays close attention to this very, many shipbuilding industries and design firm put forward a requirement to GL, hope its can be timely edit container ship standard, the boat is designing large to exceeding container and build the respect such as the requirement to make especially define.

It is reported, new container vessel builds a standard to there is very big improvement in the structural intensity respect that assures container ship hull and superstructure. This standard centers focal more on shipbuilding detail, build in shipping not only more was offerred on the program detailed and clear directive explains, right still strengthen ship shell plating and flank, reduce airscrew to stimulate brace up, avoid cabin board vibration to waited for specific technology index to make corresponding regulation. On the index of board area, revision still was added built-in board installation requirement. According to plank, prevent flinch village of material, joist load, dimension and size, new regulation also undertook updating to blocking the standard of billow board.

Puluobaisite expresses, the boat orders container of current whole world field of make a market is in phase of development speed slow down, but hopeful of this kind of circumstance gets ameliorative. His analysis says, global commerce still shows growth posture at present, this meeting brings persistent market demand for container ship, if produce the rolled steel of the greatest resistance to this market,rise in price and chartering rate is too low the circumstance of this two respects can get ameliorative, order market can greet container ship to anabiosis. (Pick from: Chinese shipping signs up for)
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