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The phenomenon that remove sheet causes vigilance of global boat bound
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Overcome a pine to study the data of company statistic according to British carat, this year 1~8 month, global accumulative total shares order of 94 new vessels by cancel. Phenomenon of cancel of new vessel order already caused global shipbuilding group to reach relevant each high attention.

On September 18, shipbuilding of carat gram soft company forecasted a club to hold Summer 2008 seminar, come from the expert of the shipbuilding of Europe, Korea, Japan, China and relevant industry, a few topics of the international shipbuilding market that pays close attention to jointly with respect to each undertook communicating. Join the exclusive delegate of the meeting as Chinese shipbuilding group, assistant of director of research center of economy of Chinese shipping industry wraps Zhang Jing to tell a reporter, phenomenon of cancel of new vessel order also is a heat that everybody pays close attention to jointly.

Overcome the data analysis of soft company statistic according to carat, cancel of order of global new vessel basically has the following 3 characteristics: It is Japan of prep above of Korea, China. Order of new vessel of look forward to of boat of country of its Sino-South Korean by cancel most, be as high as 43, and basically center in look forward to of large backbone boat, include ocean of shipbuilding of STX shipbuilding, contemporary end riverside, big house, among them with STX shipbuilding highest, amount to 15; Be in China, remove sheet to basically be centered at the place burgeoning look forward to of civilian battalion boat; Japan is only order of 5 new vessels by cancel. Main reason is Han, medium boat look forward to is given priority to with exporting boat order, foreign ship-owner is much, the risk scattering sheet that be faced with is opposite bigger. 2 it is proportion of bulk cargo boat the biggest. Main reason is before a few years new the bulk cargo boat that carry on is most, at present the whole world holds order of bulk cargo boat to be as high as 288 million carring capacity ton. 3 it is medium or small shipping over large ship.