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The contemporary prophecy that weigh labour: Container ship market is short-term
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On September 23, korea is contemporary heavy industry (HHI) and German Lloyd's Register of Shipping (GL) is in what hamburger signed 7 13100TEU container ship on maritime meeting to examine contract. D.Y.Han of senior executive vice president is in branch of the contemporary shipbuilding that weigh labour the autograph makes an appointment with ceremonially to express, although container ship market is in all the time since this year low confuse condition, but this company is certain market demand can anabiosis inside short time, because this increased each model of container ship build strength.

In before this year 8 months, global dockyard carried on only order of 179 container ships, than 2007 the corresponding period dropped 49% , this kind glides speed makes industry general do not hold a hope in the arms to container ship market. However, d.Y.Han says, because global economy total cycle time is shortening, the market demand of container ship can anabiosis inside short time. Be based on this kind of judgement, contemporary heavy labour union continues to be in kongfu of advantage boat fluctuation, and give attention to two or morethings is other each model container ship.