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Demand decreases partial Asia dockyard to may go bankrupt suddenly
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" financial times " said a few days ago, suffer the influence of financial crisis, ship-owner cancels in succession or deferred order, obverse side of Asian shipbuilding industry faces the situation that demand decreases suddenly, the likelihood brings about partial business failure. Afore-mentioned problems are in China likelihood especially serious. Because China is challenging Korea whole world the position of nation of the biggest shipbuilding, but China a lot of new the shipbuilding industry that hold water is belonged to private and all, need raises money more capital undertakes dilate, but the bank is exiting business of new vessel financing however. Of shipbuilding industry promote decline come from shipping and bank two industries, commerce puts delay, plus the bank faint or do not wish to offer financing for shipping order for goods, one disaster after another, shipbuilding industry is faced with unprecedented grim situation. Current, china has amount to 7 shipbuilding industry to ever considered to undertake be publicitied first appearing on the market, to grow financing quickly. But express according to the personage inside banking, financial crisis already made this dream undone. (Article origin: Department of Commerce is stationed in hamburger to always get a house to be in business room)