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Xiang Yading of American VIKING company invests 100 million dollar to be used at
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Recently, the VIKING company that headquarters sets in American Washington and inferior management board of fourth free district invests 100 million dollar to be used at shipping to built project be related to sign to free area with respect to its forgive memorandum. Inferior chief of fourth free division expresses, yemen cabinet government, the Ministry of Communication will be coordinated each other between the branch such as He Yading refinery, what be this shipbuilding project jointly is successful executive creation condition. It is reported, after this project is started, the obtain employment problem that solves 300 workers of local.

Mr Ross expresses president of company of this United States, make choice of inferior the main reason that man regards his as investment target depends on its advantaged maritime situation, especially its are led to inferior, the advantage that sea of continent of blame, Ou San hands in a hub. (origin: Department of Commerce is stationed in inferior Ding Zong gets a house to be in business room child station)