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Close a week is secondhand boat market commentary (2008.10.4-10.10)
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The global banking crisis of ceaseless aggravate has been brought about economy puts delay considerably and aggravate the uncertainty of prospective economy, its endanger the hypostatic economy of international money market and United States not only, already affected to the whole world the economy of burgeoning economy system grows the level. In addition last week 4 main and steely groups of Chinese (iron and steel of steel of Sha Gang, saddle, Shandong and Heibei iron and steel) manage reduction in production the agreement of 20 % , shift price demand once more with the iron ore of company of river valley of fresh water of fight back Brazil, a week before the dispirited be a burden on of marine demand just the BDI index with firm look forward to is farther deep a next explore, drop nearly 26% , without doubt the hour that the market went to to compare how terrible now, but people cannot foretell in next whether can the thing in the day become more flooey.

Suffer this influence, secondhand boat market is unusually weak, boat price is farther on early days foundation also callback.

Bulk cargo boat/ OBO boatThe market this week clinchs a deal:

1."GREAT PESCADORES " , 70, 529 carring capacity ton, japanese SANOYAS was built 1998, sell with the price of 66.6 million dollar Denmark buys an ID SHPG.

2."GOLDMAR " , 39, 697 carring capacity ton, japanese IMABARI was built 1984, take condole of 4 25 tons of gram forest, give work off with the price of 15.9 million dollar, buy the home to was not announced.

Oil tanker/Chemical boat/ LPG boat market this week clinchs a deal:

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