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Shipping of Si Pan of Canadian a place of strategic importance drafts augment fl
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Suffer financial crisis influence, many ship companies are tightened up by the bank credit, pay shipbuilding cost without enough circulating fund even, do not cross shipping of Si Pan of Canadian a place of strategic importance (Seaspan) CEO Wang Yougui prepares with fleet of augment of 850 million dollar, express to carry to the boat foreground of course of study still feels hopeful.

He anticipates, amplitude of treating capacity of container of whole world of second half of the year still can be amounted to this year 9% , because China exports the commerce inside volume growth and Asian area to increase, the influence that slow down in demand of enough countervail United States brings.

He expresses again, in financial crisis the influence falls, the bank tightens up the credit of pair of ship companies, the at least 1/4 cargoboat that already ordered and tanker do not obtain bank loan, shipping of Si Pan of a place of strategic importance is uptodate nevertheless finance situation is very favorable, circulating fund also enough, the group must hold an opportunity to develop fleet.

French Paris bank is bought rich connect asset, the standard of safety of regain of line of credit of shipping of Si Pan of your a place of strategic importance, uptodate can borrow 850 million dollar from the line of credit of 1.3 billion dollar, add put on sale is new this year in April when procuration 228 million dollar, have fleet of sufficient financing expansion. He expresses, if do not have enough circulating fund, can make the boat of the group supplies occurrence insecurity.

The new vessel order of shipping of Si Pan of uptodate a place of strategic importance already all obtained sufficient financing to support, predict the dimensions of this group fleet before 2011 is met augment one times above. This group already stayed in friendly bank to Japanese Mitsui this year loan 235 million dollar, xiang Futong bank and bank of Korea imports and exports borrow 291 million dollar, fleet of augment of in order to. (Origin: Large public network)