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Focus on the Global Marine Equipment Business in China
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China's shipbuilding industry is an important part of the shipbuilding industry, shipbuilding industry is the overall strength of the important factors. China's shipbuilding industry lags behind, seriously hampered the shipbuilding industry to improve international competitiveness. Especially in the new century, with the rapid development of China's shipbuilding industry into orbit, the ship has become increasingly severe and supporting outstanding issues. China's shipbuilding industry is on the prospects for the development of a brief introduction. (L) the domestic shipbuilding market competition Financial crisis, supporting large international enterprises (groups) are gathered in the eyes of China's shipping market, especially Japan and South Korea as the most, for this low-speed machine manufacturing enterprises of domestic marine deep. According to the international shipbuilding industry forecast, "five-second" period while the world shipbuilding market will resume growth, but the ship will remain in the low city, past two or three boats still in the adjustment market, turnover and shipping price will not be large growth, the ship will result in insufficient market demand for marine equipment industry, decline in demand. Foreseeable future, into supporting the country's international large-scale enterprises (groups) will continue to increase, the domestic shipbuilding market competition will intensify. (2) The comparative advantage of domestic enterprises to gradually weaken With rising labor costs in China, the RMB exchange rate appreciation of external, internal devaluation, our comparative advantage in supporting the existing business will be gradually reduced, which makes more difficult the development of supporting domestic enterprises. (3) industrial restructuring inevitable On the one hand, the domestic low-level redundant construction equipment industry in a serious, low industrial concentration, independent innovation ability; the other hand, supporting the development of the domestic environment becomes increasingly severe, with the State Council issued the "State Council on promoting the views of corporate mergers and acquisitions" and the future supporting an increasingly competitive domestic market, domestic supporting industries restructuring will be inevitable. (4) Energy Efficiency Design Index for new ships (EEDI) be enforced within the past two years, of new ship design, construction and operation, no doubt some of the marine equipment has a direct impact. Save energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions is an inevitable requirement. Hyundai Heavy Industries developed the 13,000-horsepower gas engine has been test successfully, and its carbon dioxide emissions by 20% and nitrogen oxide emissions by 97%, 47% efficiency. This engine first used in LNG vessels and the ferry is not difficult. China has diesel - liquefied natural gas dual fuel hybrid successfully applied to the river trade vessel, probably first in the Yangtze River and Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal on the promotion. Safety, environmental protection, comfortable green ship also calls down the end of ship noise on marine equipment will make the appropriate request. (5) from China National Offshore Oil Corporation was informed that planning "second Five-Year" period, in China's offshore continental shelf and continental slope will be re-building the production capacity of 50 million tons, equivalent to offshore oil production this year, and will there are 2 to 3 deep oil and gas fields to be put into operation, the total investment will exceed 250 billion to 300 billion yuan. This will give shipbuilding, materials and other related industries create market opportunities. In this regard, we should learn from the "light ship weight supporting" the lessons of the construction of offshore platforms in the positive, we must attach importance to the development of marine engineering and manufacturing equipment. Marine engineering equipment to engineering work for the main purpose of the equipment's position in the entire equipment is much higher than the hull. If a total cost of about 50 billion yuan in FPSO, hull only of the total cost of construction prices 10% to 20%, compared with marine equipment, the upper module technology content and added value higher, technical requirements are more stringent. Use or permit the introduction of technology to create a marine engineering mode of production equipment is very difficult, to increase the independent research and development efforts, as soon as possible to enhance the level of marine engineering equipment and technology, and foreign possible joint development or development of the company have its own brand equipment. Such as: dynamic positioning system, self-elevating drilling platform lift system, a large offshore platform technology and key equipment for integrated power plant, LNG ship dual-fuel engines. The State Council has approved in principle "to accelerate the development and the development of the State Council on the emerging industries of strategic decision," offshore engineering equipment as a strategic high-end equipment manufacturers into new industries, the state will have some policy support, should seize this historic opportunity, and strive to "Twelve Five" during the breakthrough.