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Dalian Northeast China largest shipping market will be built
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Bureau of the port and the port city of people yesterday in the government website said the online interview column, according to the province's unified planning, the city will build Dalian Shipbuilding market. According to reports, in March 2010, the Ministry of Transport announced the implementation of the "ship trading regulations", requiring all provinces to establish marine market. Currently, Dalian Shipbuilding market preparatory work is well underway, the future of ship trading market will set the ship trading, information dissemination, ship brokering, ship inspection, document processing and other functions in one. Dalian Shipbuilding trading market will be positioned as the largest ship in Northeast China market, and striving to become famous and have some international influence of ship trading market. It is understood that the establishment of shipping market objective is to ship two parties to create a fair and open trading environment, regulate trade practices, enhance the flow of trading ships supervision. So the ship entering transactions, not just "ship trading regulations" requirements, but also protect the interests of both ship an important means of transaction. Market the city after the establishment of the ship, all ships deal will be at the venue, the two companies and agencies will accept the supervision of the market. Cause of the rapid development of Dalian Shipping, as of November 2010, the city's water transport industry management into the 117 enterprises, a total of 273 ships, 650 million dwt, 17832 class, 1027 parking spaces; 91 million tons of cargo, Cargo turnover 542.5 billion tons km; passenger volume is 420 million kilometers of passenger turnover of 580 million people; into the water transport service enterprises sector management 673, of which 88 international shipping agents, ship management companies 50, 134 NVOCC business home. According to relevant provisions of the passenger transportation business in Dalian coastal owned enterprises should be at least two passenger ships, a total of 300 class, the ship is there, the business enterprise held by the ships of not less than 51% equity ratio. Ship survey ship built in strict accordance with technical specifications of the construction sector. FRP Dalian coastal passenger ships no longer enter the passenger transport market. Dalian coastal passenger newly established enterprises, including at least one holding more than 25% over 3 years and has effective management of coastal passenger transport enterprise legal person shares qualified to obtain business qualifications, the proportion of shares held within 3 years no less than 25%.