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Yunnan on the ferry the implementation of standardized transformation library
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Yunnan Province, local maritime bureau said today, Yunnan Province, has recently launched the ferry, standardization of library Lakes ship pilot project, planned to be completed within 3 years. This is the Chinese connection in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Yunnan Province recently, the exit of water to ensure safe and convenient traffic. With the development and construction of Hydropower and Water Resources of Yunnan Province, the local progressive increase in the number of large-scale reservoir area, water area has expanded each year. Shipping has become a prosperous local economy, so people can travel the water transportation mode of transport. However, a complex of local vessels, ship variety, and the large spread, management lags behind, and hidden safety crises, water transportation in Yunnan has become the weak link in the security situation, local people form a serious threat to lives and property. To this end, local maritime affairs office of Yunnan Province to develop a "crossing of Yunnan Province, Lake reservoir standardization of implementation of the program over the ship," plans to use three years, in accordance with the "new batch, modified batch, eliminate a number of" principle, a comprehensive standardization of the implementation of the ship, crossing the province, library Lakes ship ship safety and technical performance, airworthiness rate improved significantly to ensure that water transportation is convenient, safe and environmentally friendly. And the renovation of the ship drawings shall be funded by the Yunnan local maritime bureau free after purchase, renovation of all the ship where the provincial funds will provide appropriate subsidies Maritime Bureau. After crossing the province's rivers, library Lakes hydrology, the ship's technical condition, operating condition, the crew operating the basic situation, the proposed new office in Yunnan, rehabilitation and out of the number and list of ships; the same time guide the ship design department, in strict accordance with the State the required safety and technical indicators, designed to airworthiness rivers in Yunnan, library Lakes passenger ferry 14 different class ship. Currently, there are seven qualified ship design is approved, three ship is under review, four ship being designed. Meanwhile, according to Luo County in Qujing City Tianshengqiao Reservoir water exchange in Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, three, ship messy, difficult management, security risks and have a demonstration effect highlights the reality of the local Maritime Bureau of Yunnan Province as a pilot, pioneered standardized transformation of the ship. At present, natural bridge has three 12.5 m reservoir 20 class B-class prototype aircraft ship completion of the construction area, the water test the performance specifications and design requirements are achieved; another 18 new ships are stepping up construction and are expected in December can be completed in early; addition, there are 76 ship alteration work will be completed before the end of February next year.